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new beginnings: a drabble fest

Love to write? Love to read? Come on over and participate in thefuturequeen's New Beginnings drabble fest!

How to participate:
One user posts a list of prompts, ranging from "green" to "Gwen meets Lancelot for a third time in the middle of winter." Then, other users can reply with their own drabbles.

1. The drabblefest theme is "New Beginnings," so prompts and drabbles must be directed toward post-Series Two stories.
2. All pairings and characters are allowed as long as Gwen is a prominent character.
3. Drabbles must fit into one comment. There is no minimum length for a drabble.
4. There is no limit for replies to prompts.
5. Please post your prompts and drabbles in this post.

Have fun!

Note: This will contain spoilers for Series 2.
Tags: community, drabblefest, fan fiction

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