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LAS/LIMS competition sign-up post!

In trying to fight off the hiatus blues, thefuturequeen presents: a Gwencentric LAS/LIMS competition! Any and all authors and graphics makers are invited and encouraged to participate! The more of you there are, the more fun we'll all have!

Last Author Standing or Last Icon Maker Standing are competitions in which participants have signed up to undertake regular challenges. Their submissions are posted anonymously, and put to vote by others. Each round, one participant is eliminated until there's only one left: the Last Person Standing.

LIMS will be run by crazy_in_lost and LAS will be run by kepp0xy. We'd love to have at least 10 participants in each! Sign-ups end on January 12, the first challenge will be posted on January 13.

General Rules
  1. All submissions must centre around Gwen
  2. You may participate in both LAS and LIMS if you want to
  3. The competition is going to run on a bi-weekly schedule:
    1. New rounds begin every second Wednesday
    2. Submissions are due ten days later, on Saturday
    3. Voting will begin once all submissions are received and will last until the next Wednesday when we reveal who did which works, announce the winner and elimination, and the newest challenge will be posted.
    4. Example schedule:
      Wednesday, December 2: new challenge
      Saturday, December 12: submissions due, voting begins
      Wednesday, December 16: reveal, winner & elimination announcement, new challenge
  4. Works are to be submitted to the challenge post where comments are screened
  5. All submissions must remain anonymous until voting is complete and the results revealed. Therefore, do not talk about your works or post them elsewhere until then. Anyone who breaks this rule will be immediately disqualified, and their work taken out of the vote.
  6. Similarly, do not tell others to vote for a specific piece, or you will be disqualified.
  7. Everyone gets one skip to be used at your discretion. You must alert crazy_in_lost or kepp0xy at the beginning of the round if you intend to use your skip, or your lack of submission will result in disqualification. Exceptions may arise; contact the overseeing mod if you have special circumstance.
    1. If you promote the LAS/LIMS competition, you will receive an additional skip. Please link to your promotion in the sign-up form. If your promotion is in a locked entry on your journal, please take a screencap and link us to that.
    2. You cannot use both skips in a row.
  8. Voting posts will be screened, but we will be encouraging voters to leave feedback for the pieces they're voting for. If you want to read the feedback your pieces receive, please indicate that in your sign-up form.

Last Author Standing Guidelines
  1. All fics must be between 200 and 800 words, unless otherwise stated in the challenge post.
  2. Most prompts will also include another character. Some prompts will be open to a second character of your choice, or to remain Gwen-solo at your discretion.
    1. Example prompts:
    2. Round 1: Gwen, Morgana, grapes
      Round 2: Gwen, Arthur, grape juice
      Round 3: Gwen, author's choice, grape picking
    3. Expplaining further, a Gwen with Merlin prompt can be either Gwen/Merlin the pairing, or Gwen and Merlin as friends (or enemies, or strangers, or what have you)
  3. Only one submission per round per author.
  4. There is no rating limit

Last Icon Maker Standing Guidelines
  1. Each challenge will require two or more icons, unless otherwise stated in the challenge post.
  2. Most prompts will be an image, provided in the challenge post. Sometimes a texture, or visual concept will also be included.
    1. Example prompts:
      Round 1:
      Round 2: textless icons
      Round 3: one icon in black & white, one icon in colour
  3. Some challenges may include multiple prompts.

This is the information and sign-up post. After sign-ups are done, the competition will split into the LAS and LIMS categories. LIMS will be run by crazy_in_lost and LAS will be run by kepp0xy. General inquiries should be asked here, but category specific should be asked to the overseeing mod after this point (PM crazy_in_lost; PM kepp0xy).

Sign-Up Form

Optional Promotion html coding

Sign up now! | Sign ups now closed

And while you're at it, don't forget to check out our new layout with header by blackmamba_esq, our new profile with header by felix_aeternus and the drabblefest happening now!
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