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LIMS challenge nine voting

LIMS Challenge Nine Voting

Voting Guidelines
+ You must fill out the provided textarea voting form and comment with your vote.
+ You will be voting for your favorite set.
+ Please provide feedback for both of the icons in the set.
+ The challenge had two parts: 1) different sized crops, in which iconmakers had to make an icon that was not 100x100 pxls and 2) little moments, portraying a scene in any manner as long as Gwen was central to the icon.
+ There is an option to give feedback to the other sets. The iconmakers will appreciate your critique. You can comment on all other icons, a few, or none.
+ Do not manipulate the vote in anyway, including voting for your own icons or asking others to vote for you.

Set 01

Set 02

Set 03

Voting Form

Voting will end on Sunday, June 6 at 02:00PM Pacific Standard Time.

Thank you!

eta: comments now screened! Sorry!!!
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