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Claims Post!


Hello Gwen fans!

The claims for Gwen Battle Winter 2009 are officially open! The claims post will close on January 8, 2009 at 12:00 AM in Pacific Standard Time.

1. Please read THIS POST for the rules. If you have any questions/comments, please direct them there.
2. Each participant gets unlimited claims, but must complete all of them in order to get a participation banner. You may change your claims at any time before the claims post closes.
3. Each prompt may only be claimed twice. (For example, a maximum of two people are allowed to write about "Gwen eats an apple.") For exceptions, go to Rule #4.
4. By promoting this contest, you may win one extra claim that can be applied to already-full prompts. (i.e.: Even if two people already claimed "Gwen eats an apple," you may still claim it.)

You may use one of the following codes in promotions:

The categories will be defined as follows:
Fan Art: icons (must follow LJ rules: 100x100, <40kb), banners, wallpapers, animations, drawings, crafts, fan videos, manipulations, and photographs. (Unless specifically stated, each prompt can be completed in any type of art)
Fan Fiction: any type of writing (poetry, prose, or any other style), whatever length, of your original writing.

All submissions must be new work.

When claiming, please adhere to the following format. (For example:)

A. Fan Art
01. Gwen eats an apple
22b. Gwen eating a grape (icons)

B. Fan Fiction
11. Gwen throws an apple.
43. Gwen making apple pie.

Your claim should be like this: "A01, A22b, B11, and B43."

Note: Unless specified, none of these prompts are necessarily "shipping" prompts. For example, a Gwen/Arthur prompt doesn't even have to include anything about romance.

Please fill out the following form and comment in this post to claim your prompts.

A. Fan Art

01. credit to ewanism
02. credit to ewanism
03. credit to ewanism lillie_poo_pod One claim left!
04. credit to ewanism
05. credit to ewanism
06. credit to ewanism
07. credit to ewanism
08. credit to ewanism
09. credit to ewanism
10. credit to ewanism
11. credit to ewanism click to view full size
12. credit to ewanism click to view full size
13. credit to ewanism click to view full size
14. credit to ewanism click to view full size
15. credit to ewanism click to view full size lillie_poo_pod One claim left!
16. credit to ewanism click to view full size lillie_poo_pod One claim left!
17. credit to ewanism click to view full size lillie_poo_pod One claim left!

18. yellow
19. red
20. white, purity
21. independent woman
22. scenery lillie_poo_pod One claim left!
23. open space lillie_poo_pod One claim left!
24. smiling lillie_poo_pod One claim left!
25. afraid
26. surprise!
27. free for all
28. quotes by Gwen
29. quotes about Gwen
30. Angel Coulby lillie_poo_pod & carpenyx Closed!
31. red dress
32. new clothes
33. sad, angst lillie_poo_pod One claim left!
34. best friends bekkis One claim left!
35. shoulder
36. behind me

37. Moment of Truth confrontation scene (where Gwen tells Arthur the women deserve to fight) crazy_in_lost One claim left!
38. Moment of Truth forest/woods scene lillie_poo_pod One claim left!
39. Moment of Truth Arthur asking Gwen if she's prepared for battle lillie_poo_pod One claim left!
40. Moment of Truth Gwen fighing lillie_poo_pod One claim left!

41. I will take care of you
42. in the future
43. if only
44. angry
45. I didn't do it! crazy_in_lost One claim left!
46. flowers
47. windows
48. eyes lillie_poo_pod One claim left!
49. face
50. father and daughter
51. I'll miss you
52. I can take care of myself
53. Gwen measuring Lancelot lillie_poo_pod & bekkis Closed!
54. Gwen, short for Guinevere and_i One claim left!

55. Gwen/Arthur, gifts
56. Gwen/Arthur, touch
57. Gwen/Arthur, sight lillie_poo_pod One claim left!
58. Gwen/Arthur, the future, doom
59. Gwen/Arthur, thinking of you
60. Gwen/Arthur, hidden scenes
61. Gwen/Arthur, watching him fight

62. Gwen/Merlin, watching each other
63. Gwen/Merlin, best friends
64. Gwen/Merlin, on the steps (in Valiant) lillie_poo_pod One claim left!

65. Gwen/Lancelot: any scene

66. Gwen/Morgana, touch bekkis One claim left!

67. Wallpaper: the scenes where Gwen is sleeping in Merlin's bed, in particular when he's asleep in a chair while she sleeps behind him. kaizoku One claim left!
68. Wallpaper: Gwen/Arthur/Merlin, the power trifecta of Camelot bekkis One claim left!

69. Promotional Pictures lillie_poo_pod One claim left!
70. Party
71. multiple images, blend
72. nurse
73. suspicious
74. with Morgana
75. with Merlin absolutelybatty One claim left!
76. happy
77. love
78. "The Future Queen" lillie_poo_pod & carpenyx Closed!
79. rainbow
80. love triangle absolutelybatty One claim left!
81. Fan Fiction Prompt (you can pick a fan fiction prompt to use for this category --- please note which prompt it is) kaizoku (B013) One claim left!
82. Fan Fiction Prompt writeangel (B098) One claim left!
83. Fan Fiction Prompt
84. Fan Fiction Prompt
85. Fan Fiction Prompt

B. Fan Fiction
001. Gwen gen, song kaizoku One claim left!
001a. Gwen gen, sunrise
001b. Gwen gen, ill
001c. Gwen gen, exotic
001d. Gwen gen, Samson [azlyrics link] by Regina Spektor
002. Gwen gen, special
002a. Gwen gen, firelight
002b. Gwen gen, "put one foot in front of the other"
002c. Gwen gen, dealing with Tom's death
002d. Gwen gen, journey
002e. Gwen gen, number of times Gwen laughed
003. Gwen gen, about her name
004. Gwen gen, inspiration
005. Gwen gen, what she remembers of her mother
006. Gwen gen, making do
007. Gwen gen, everyone has secrets
008. Gwen gen, taking over her father's trade or learning from her father at some point
009. Gwen gen, becoming Morgana's maid and, ultimately, friend gnimaerd One claim left!
010. Gwen gen, acceptance
010a. Gwen gen, trust
010b. Gwen gen, heartfelt
010c. Gwen gen, dreaming
011. Gwen gen, fairytales ad_exia & and_i Closed!
011a. Gwen gen, sorrow
011b. Gwen gen, boys
011c. Gwen gen, solitude
012. Gwen gen, childhood
012a. Gwen gen, loss
012b. Gwen gen, hopes and dreams
013. Gwen gen, being in the background.
014. Gwen gen, Gwen isn't the Guinevere of the legends. audaciously One claim left!
015. Gwen gen, a lost object
015a. Gwen gen, an awkward request kepp0xy One claim left!
015b. Gwen gen, mending kaizoku One claim left!
015c. Gwen gen, bedtime stories
016. Gwen gen, the night Gwen's mother left
017. Gwen gen, standing up for herself
018. Gwen gen, What's Past is Prologue (Shakespeare)
019. Gwen gen, “A woman would run through fire and water for such a kind heart.” (Shakespeare) ebonystar One claim left!
020. Gwen gen, "There are many Beths in the world, shy and quiet, sitting in corners till needed, and living for others so cheerfully that no one sees the sacrifices till the little cricket on the hearth stops chirping, and the sweet, sunshiny presence vanishes, leaving silence and shadow behind." Louisa May Alcott (Little Women) ebonystar One claim left!

020. Gwen/Arthur, Winter Song [youtube link] by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson, Gwen's always left behind kaerya One claim left!
021. Gwen/Arthur, first time they look at each other that way
022. Gwen/Arthur, their first argument as a couple
023. Gwen/Arthur, flash
024. Gwen/Arthur, first sight
025. Gwen/Arthur, how she feels when he calls her Guinevere carpenyx & otempora42 Closed!
026. Gwen/Arthur, Gwen thinks Arthur's a prat/first impressions
027. Gwen/Arthur, an older, surer Gwen not making the first move, forcing Arthur to
028. Gwen/Arthur, Queen Guinevere has been kidnapped! Arthur is surly on his way, but Gwen isn't the sort of girl who just waits around to be rescued now, is she?
029. Gwen/Arthur, playing with her doll and meeting the young prince scarlettpeony One claim left!
029a. Gwen/Arthur, dreaming of Arthur
029b. Gwen/Arthur, love at first sight
029c. Gwen/Arthur, forbidden love
029d. Gwen/Arthur, whip cream and strawberries.
030. Gwen/Arthur, Arthur discovers Gwen is ticklish.
031. Gwen/Arthur, Flower, "loves me, loves me not".
032. Gwen/Arthur, Gwen stands up to Uther, and Arthur loves it.
033. Gwen/Arthur, The moment Arthur knew he loved her. rogueprinzess One claim left!
034. Gwen/Arthur, Gwen's coronation.
035. Gwen/Arthur, childhood: she's known him all her life.
036. Gwen/Arthur, whump: a number of times series story where Gwen & Arthur look after each other
037. Gwen/Arthur, "make love with the lights on, baby / tell me what you see / clear the bed to lie on, darlin' / make a mess of me"
038. Gwen/Arthur, working
039. Gwen/Arthur, trapped together with no way to get out
040. Gwen/Arthur, hands ebonystar One claim left!
041. Gwen/Arthur, watching cleojones One claim left!
042. Gwen/Arthur, I know him so well crazy_in_lost One claim left!
043. Gwen/Arthur, it will always be you
044. Gwen/Arthur, the wedding night
045. Gwen/Arthur, the wedding day
046. Gwen/Arthur, thoughts while laying in a field of flowers carpenyx One claim left!
047. Gwen/Arthur, accidents
048. Gwen/Arthur, my best friend
049. Gwen/Arthur, first time they said I love you
050. Gwen/Arthur, childhood: crushes
051. Gwen/Arthur, you're not who I think you were
052. Gwen/Arthur, you used to love me favorite_song One claim left!
053. Gwen/Arthur AU, Gwen brings Arthur home to meet her dad, Tom
054. Gwen/Arthur AU, children
055. Gwen/Arthur AU, Gwen is the best spy Camelot has ever had.
056. Gwen/Arthur AU, Gwen (and not her father) is the best blacksmith in Camelot.

057. Gwen/Merlin, twisted secrets
058. Gwen/Merlin, foot loose & fancy free
059. Gwen/Merlin, cling
060. Gwen/Merlin, she knows he's changed since he came back audaciously & significantowl Closed!
061. Gwen/Merlin, BBF's forever
061a. Gwen/Merlin, crush
061b. Gwen/Merlin, late night kitchen raids
061c. Gwen/Merlin, swordplay
061d. Gwen/Merlin, secrets and lies
062. Gwen/Merlin, The best friend she could ever ask for.
063. Gwen/Merlin, Autumn, playing in the leaves.
064. Gwen/Merlin, Winter, playing in the snow. gnimaerd One claim left!
065. Gwen/Merlin, Future, Queen and magician. absolutelybatty & kepp0xy Closed!
066. Gwen/Merlin, She always has a place for him in her heart.
067. Gwen/Merlin, clothes
067a. Gwen/Merlin, duty and honor
067b. Gwen/Merlin, broken hearts
068. Gwen/Merlin, jewels
068a. Gwen/Merlin, a friend in need
068b. Gwen/Merlin, eyes
068c. Gwen/Merlin, accidents happen ad_exia One claim left!
068d. Gwen/Merlin, so many reasons
069. Gwen/Merlin, reading lessons
070. Gwen/Merlin, talking in your sleep significantowl One claim left!
071. Gwen/Merlin, I would do anything for you
072. Gwen/Merlin, hands
073. Gwen/Merlin, watching
074. Gwen/Merlin, friendship, the two randomly get a day off and spend it together ... hijinks ensue!

075. Gwen/Morgana, friendship: Gwen discovers Morgana's magical abilities
076. Gwen/Morgana, forbidden fruit tastes sweeter lastling & carpenyx Closed!
077. Gwen/Morgana, ripped iphifix One claim left!
078. Gwen/Morgana, sour kaizoku One claim left!
079. Gwen/Morgana, first meeting carpenyx One claim left!
080. Gwen/Morgana, best friends
081. Gwen/Morgana, I would do anything for you favorite_song One claim left!
082. Gwen/Morgana, girls' night out
083. Gwen/Morgana AU, If Gwen were a king ... kaizoku One claim left!

084. Gwen/Lancelot, anguish iphifix One claim left!
085. Gwen/Lancelot, surprise!
086. Gwen/Lancelot, Ruin by Pieces [lyricwiki link]
087. Gwen/Lancelot, they meet again in the future when both's circumstances have changed and_i One claim left!
088. Gwen/Lancelot AU, If Lancelot had stayed.

089. Gwen/Uther, moral showdown: Gwen confronts Uther about his strict policies on magic
090. Gwen/Uther, moral showdown: Gwen confronts Uther about the killing of her father, Tom absolutelybatty One claim left!
091. Gwen/Uther, moral showdown: Gwen confronts Uther about Arthur cleojones One claim left!
092. Gwen/Uther, matters of the heart, interviews, you dare use magic, in the night

093. Gwen/Gaius, non-romantic, replacement-father
094. Gwen/Gaius, she needs someone to walk her down the aisle

095. Gwen/Valiant, secrets kepp0xy One claim left!

096. Gwen/Nimeuh, Dark Lady
096a. Gwen/Nimeuh, temptation
096b. Gwen/Nimeuh, the call
096c. Gwen/Nimeuh, bargains and_i One claim left!

097. Gwen/Merlin/Arthur, friendship/romance, together they rule the world saint_seducing One claim left!
098. Gwen/Merlin/Arthur, comfort
099. Gwen/Merlin/Arthur, glory days
100. Gwen/Merlin/Arthur, Gwen reacts to Arthur's reaction after discovering Merlin's magic abilities rogueprinzess One claim left!
101. Gwen/Merlin/Arthur, battle
102. Gwen/Merlin/Arthur AU, film noir

103. Gwen/Arthur/Lancelot, Sword fight for Gwen's love, Arthur knows Gwen is worth fighting for. cleojones One claim left!
104. Gwen/Arthur/Lancelot, Gwen knows Arthur will always win.
105. Gwen/Arthur/Lancelot, Three in a boat, the men go over the side; who does Gwen save first? absolutelybatty One claim left!

106. Gwen/Arthur/Morgana, Arthur mocks Morgana, and Gwen defends her mistress gnimaerd One claim left!
107. Gwen/Arthur/Morgana, Arthur's a bully, Gwen comes to Morgana's rescue
108. Gwen/Arthur/Morgana, Gwen's in love ... with the man her best friend is going to marry!

109. Gwen/Arthur/Merlin/Morgana, Entwined gnimaerd & otempora42 Closed!
110. Gwen/Arthur/Merlin/Morgana, journey home after the battle in "The Moment of Truth" kaizoku One claim left!
111. Gwen/Arthur/Merlin/Morgana, love square
112. Gwen/Arthur/Merlin/Morgana AU, Gwen and Morgana are childhood best friends, Merlin and Arthur are childhood best friends: growing up

113. Gwen/Arthur/Lancelot/Merlin AU, Guinevere is the uncrowned Lady of Avalon.
114. Fan Art prompt (you can pick a fan art prompt to use for this category --- please note which prompt it is)
115. Fan Art prompt

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