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the future queen

a fan community for Gwen of BBC's Merlin

A community for fans of Gwen in BBC: Merlin.
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to thefuturequeen, a fan community for Gwen of BBC's Merlin. Although humble and gentle, Gwen is never reluctant in defending her beliefs and her loved ones. Noble and kind, she shows the signs of a great future queen.

Your moderators are:

All community event graphics are designed by:

Any concerns should be directed to this post. Thank you.

community guidelines

01. All posts must be Gwen-centric. General Merlin news and Angel Coulby news are exceptions to this rule.
02. All posts must be properly tagged with the existing tags (viewable in the sidebar). If a new tag is needed, please make a note in the entry. Fan fiction and fanart posts must have rating and pairing (if any) tags. Untagged posts will be deleted.
03. Any post with explicit content must be clearly identified and =behind a cut.
04. Icons should have, at the most, three previews, all of which must be Gwen-centric.
05. Please do not link to posts that are or will be "friends only." They will be deleted.
06. Posts with spoilers must be clearly identified and have the information behind a cut. Spoilers are information about episodes and the series that has not been completely aired in the UK.
07. Promotions must be Merlin-related and be previously approved by a moderator. Promotion banners, if any, should feature Gwen prominently.
08. This is a fan community intended to unite people who love Gwen. Play nice :)

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